Smart-EDU Hub Museum

A collection of significant hardware components that once were at top performance.

Every item presented here is authentic, iconic and labeled for a better understanding of the IT world we all live in today. It gives you the privilege to explore some significant electronics and/or computer parts that once were heavily in use by us.



The mini-museum is organized on five ranks (5 to 1 / top to bottom) as follows:

5th rank is displaying a number of items related to communication (analog and digital) as well as few associated with data storage. However, those items cannot be fully separated, therefore you will be able to see, on other ranks, computer parts that might be very well associated with other tasks then those displayed on that specific rank.

The 4th and 3rd ranks are generally displaying computer parts associated with computing. By computing we understand processing units and those components responsible with data flows. We will see here fully equipped motherboards (MB) as well as laptops and home computers.

Second rank is dedicated to multimedia devices and storage. While some are rather new, some others are, as of today, quite antique. 

The bottom rank is dedicated to scientific literature edited by the Faculty of Public Administration. 

Around the room 608 - the one who's hosting the mini-museum, there are other interesting, fully equipped and running computers and electronics. You are invited to look around and dive a bit into the history of IT&C world.