"We are not taking decisions, but we can influence those who do. The discussions held at the annual conferences and other related events will be reflected in key messages, outlining main trends, possible goals and proposals for future actions. These messages will be distributed to all stakeholders at the local, regional, national and European level. By that we will help keeping informed and influence decision-making process within governmental entities, local and regional organisations and private companies." (Dr. Catalin VRABIE - SNSPA)

"It is time to seek synergies and create partnerships within the EU digital decade through the UN Global Digital Compact for successful digital transformation and, the Smart Cities International Conference (SCIC) is a suitable environment, platform and audience to think about." (Anelia Dimova - Ministry of e-governance, Bulgaria)  


"The international influences of the SNSPA’s International Smart Cities Conference on the further development of research and implementation topics and Smart Cities & Smart Regions enrich the conceptual and behavioral reality of responsible actors. The community, which has emerged from this over the years, has firmly established itself and already complements each other thematically and methodically. I am very happy to have become part of this community over the years and continue to contribute my ongoing research results and continuous practical project results." (Professor Dr. Christian Schachtner, Professor in Public Management - IU Internationale Hochschule and Chief Digital Officer)