Past Projects 


Full title: Digital media for increasing the quality of education and students insertion on the labor market. Maximizing the benefits of visual technologies in the learning process through virtual teaching environments.

Targeted area: Improving the quality of teaching activity, including respect for deontology and academic ethics

Time frame: 8 months (2021)

Purpose of the project: Creating a system to stimulate learning by adapting it to the individual study needs of students by forming a computer platform to support and facilitate teaching and increase its quality, developing mechanisms, tools and procedures to link the educational offer of SNSPA to current trends in labor market and the international academic community.

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From smart cities to smart nation. Synergy of smart projects implemented at city level in Romania

Time frame: 24 months (2019-2021)

Purpose of the project: The objective is to draw the map of Romania on the smart cities development axes by analyzing the projects initiated by the municipalities.

In order to achieve this, two derived research hypotheses were formulated: (1) In the public sector, projects need to address both efficiency and equity, which puts a lot of pressure on public decision-makers, forcing them to implement current projects, adapted to technological change, but also taking into account cohesion, i.e., concern for interregional disparities in economic performance. (2) Economic growth and regional development are strongly connected with the use of electronic means to do public business, but also with the implementation of smart projects at the local level always aiming at creating inclusive cities, internal connection with public decision makers, increasing the quality of public services and services, post-supply and, especially, collaboration with partners.

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Time frame: 24 months (2013-2015)

Purpose of the project: To initiate changes on the Romanian municipalities Web-sites. 

The theme of the project revolves around the notion of e-government, a young concept, but which has started to be more and more present in the development strategies of the world's administrations. This concept now certainly involves Web initiatives, thus joining the list of changes in the economy. By these initiatives we refer especially to the way of communication of public institutions with the citizens, through their own Internet Web-sites, and in parallel, through the use of social-media platforms.

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